Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review : Romance For Cynics

Romance For Cynics by Nicola Marsh

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 224
Published : January 21st 2014 by Harlequin KISS

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Must. Not. Fall. For. Fake. Boyfriend. 

Cashel Burgess's PR team has come up with a plan to salvage his reputation and show his "softer" side by entering him in a Valentine's Day competition to find Australia's Most Romantic Couple. It's so ridiculous it might actually work. The hitch? He doesn't even have a girlfriend. But that's not about to stop him…. 

Thanks to a good-for-nothing ex, gardener Lucy Grant hates Valentine's Day. But when Cash makes her an offer too good to refuse, Lucy finds herself half of the most cynical couple in Australia! The only problem is, when a man fakes it this well, a girl might be tempted to turn fiction into fact….

My Thoughts:

"Fact of life, not everyone gets the fairy tale. End of story."
Cash isn't much for relationships and now he stuck in a situation were he need to prove that he isn't what his latest hook up said or else he could loose clients. Now he's stuck in a situation were he convinces his beautiful gardener, Lucy, to pretend for a week to be his girlfriend on a Most Romantic show. Lucy has had her heart broken from her rich ex-husband and now shes harden her heart. Now she lives a normal lifestyle as a gardener, a job she loves. When she finds out that her grandpa had left her grandma in a sort of situation they must come up with the money. So Cashes offer wasn't something she could refused. Now all they need to do is convince everyone that he isn't that heartless. But lines start to blur when they start to connect on a deeper level.

I really loved this book it was sweet and fun. I loved the relationship and connection between the two. I also enjoyed and the steamy and fun banter between them. I loved how caring and helpful Lucy was, she would do anything to help her grand mother even at the risk of her heart. I feel like there was enough of drama, romance and steaminess to keep this book interesting. The story was a bit short but its perfect for those times when you only got a little time to spare. I recommend you lovely readers to check out this book, perfect book for valentines day.

4 of 5 stars!

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