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Review : Once Upon a Valentine

Once Upon a Valentine By Allison Leigh

(The Hunt for Cinderella #11)
Pages: 224
Published January 21st 2014 by Harlequin (first published January 1st 2014)
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In The Hunt for Cinderella series finale by USA TODAY bestselling author Allison Leigh, a surprise pregnancy takes things to the next level…

Shea Weatherby doesn't believe in fairy-tale endings, especially after watching her mother have so many of them with so many different husbands! So when Shea's Prince Charming comes along, she's skeptical. When she gets pregnant after a one-night stand with said Prince Charming, she panics.

Paxton Merrick made millions crafting custom yachts for Seattle's ├╝berwealthy. But now, with Shea, his very own ship has come in. If his futile efforts to get her to be his Valentine are any indication, there are stormy seas ahead. But he'll do anything to get Shea to the altar when he finds out he's going to be a father!

My Thoughts:

Shea doesnt really believe in love. Her mother wasn't the best example constantly marrying man after man. Then she was left before her wedding. So when it comes to love shes pretty cynical about it. Shea would rather work hard at the job she enjoys and works for what she has. When her piece of junk car leaves her out in the rain she goes to Paxton for refuse till it blows over. The last thing she expected was a night of passion that leaves her pregnant.

Paxton has always had a thing for Shea but she always rejects of avoids him. When he finds out she's pregnant he is thrilled. No matter what she thinks he doesnt want her because of the baby although it seals his love for her more, now he just needs to convince her his feelings are true.

I loved this book, it was short and sweet. It was fast paced, I wished that there was a little more conflict but it was good just the way it was. I loved the connection between the two. Normally I'm a fan of two point of views but this book worked well without it because in the story it was clear to me the intentions of Paxton. To me this is one of those types of books where if you need a little escape from your own world this book would do it. There is so much to love and enjoy about this book.

Now I wasn't aware that this was apart of a series so I'll be sure to check out this book with how this book turned out. Highly recommend! 4 of 5 stars!

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