Monday, February 10, 2014

Review : English Girl in New York

English Girl in New York by Scarlet Wilson

Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 256
Published : January 7th 2014 by Harlequin
Goodreads : Link


Rescued on her doorstep.

After an annus horribilis, the glittering lights of Manhattan are irresistible to English girl Carrie McKenzie. She's climbed the Empire State Building, but can't get a smile from her gorgeous neighbor! Until a tiny abandoned baby on her doorstep brings her to his door.

Cop Dan Cooper has an obligation to protect, and with Carrie out of her depth, he must come to her rescue. Surely two pairs of hands are better than one? Until she becomes a distraction, not just because of her tempting curves, but because of the pain in her eyes when she looks at the precious bundle in their charge.

My Thoughts:

Carrie's job gave her an offer to work in nyc, and with the past shes had this could be just what she needs. It should've been a relaxing night for Carrie but she found an unwelcomed surprise at her door: A Baby. This was the last thing she needs all her emotions about the past come flooding back and she rushes to ask help from  her neighbor Dan. Dan is a police men who is willing to but others before himself and is willing to help Carrie. Problem is they both don't have a clue what to do with it, where does the baby belong. For a short and snowy couple of days the two warm up to the baby as well as with each other.

I thought that this book was a very heartwarming and sweet book. At times it was cheesy and I couldn't help but roll my eyes a couple of times. I enjoyed watching them slowly get comfortable and the connection between the two was sweet. I thought it was a bit rushed in the end but that was okay. I think for me this book was at a good timing to read, it's somewhat of a blizzard out there where I am at. Perfect time to read, especially a book like this, it was a perfect escape, but now I unfortunately gotta think of all the snow I'm going to be shoveling soon. UGH.

Highly recommend you lovely readers check out this book! 5 of 5 stars!

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