Monday, December 16, 2013

Review : Finding Joy

Finding Joy by Jenni Moen
Genre : Contemporary Romance
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Love is patient.

It can happen when you least expect it,
where you least expect it,
with whom you least expect it.

Love is kind.

But love may not grow out of kindness.
It can happen with the person who hates you most
because love knows no bounds.

And it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love doesn’t hold a grudge.
Love forgives.
Love forgets.

But when the healing of your heart
breaks the hearts of the ones you love …
it may seem impossible to

Find joy

My Thoughts:

"Forgive and forget. Easier said than done. And what if you don't want to forget? What if you can't?"
Alexis and Adams has gotten past the fragility that brought them together. Now they must get their family to accept their relationship. Alexis must also work on telling Adam her hopes of adopting her pregnant friends baby.  Things are rocky but no relationship is ever perfect.

"The moment that you realize that you're no longer a slave to your past is a beautiful moment... even when it takes place in a department store on the busiest shopping day of the year. I felt liberated."

I really enjoyed this sequel to Remembering Joy. I loved the characters, and again loved that there was more then one point of view of Adam and Alexis. I loved watching them go through the motions and learning how to deal with the problems that came tier way. I really liked how accepting both Adam and Alexis was when they needed to be. I couldn't picture a better ending to this book. Everything felt complete with no loose ends.

I loved this book and think you readers will to 4.5 of 5 Stars!

"You wonder when it's going to get easier for us, but it's not easy for anybody, Allie. Everyone has their shh for different people but it's still all shh . Being able to deal with it... that's where greatness lies. And we're great.'

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  1. I loved Remember Joy and cannot wait to read this, so glad it stood up to book one!


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