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Holiday Kisses

Holiday Kisses

 Shannon StaceyHelenKay DimonAlison Kent

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Love!

A man gives the gift of trust and receives a second chance at love in return. A woman helps to heal the wounded heart of a soldier. A couple finds that true love knows no distance. And a young widow learns that there can be two great loves in a lifetime. Love, romance and passion come together in this collection of four seasonal shorts.

This Time Next Year by Alison Kent

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Brenna Keating is on her way to spend Christmas with her grandmother when treacherous roads and a skittish deer put her car in a ditch. Riding to the rescue—literally—is Dillon Craig, a reclusive doctor who insists she weather the storm in his cabin.

Since returning from Afghanistan where he treated wounded soldiers on the front lines, Dillon's made it a point to avoid any emotional involvement. But his unexpected guest has him dangerously close to breaking his own rules.

Brenna has a plan for her life—until she's stranded for three days with Dillon. Soon, the chemistry sizzling between them forces her to reexamine her priorities. The man is gorgeous, if taciturn, and a true hero in every sense of the word. No woman in her right mind could resist him, and so Brenna doesn't—even though she can't stay...

My Thoughts :

Short sweet, predictable and a wee bit (Ok very) cheesy. Of course the hero has to be the dude on the horse. But you know what? I don't care if it was predictable and corny because I still found myself loving this book. I couldn't put this book down till the very end and I recommend you lovey readers to check this book out.

A Rare Gift by Jaci Burton

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With a disastrous marriage behind him, Wyatt Kent has no interest in getting involved with any woman, let alone his ex-wife's younger sister. But when Calliope Andrews hires him to build an addition onto her day care center, Wyatt can't help but notice she's a desirable woman, as warm and funny as his ex was cold and aloof.

Calliope fell hard for Wyatt the first time he walked through the door of her family's home, and can't believe her sister let him get away. He's still the star of all her fantasies, and she's determined to prove to him she's nothing like his manipulative ex. Wyatt may be all business, but Calliope sees the way he looks at her when he's supposed to be working...

It's not long before Wyatt and Calliope are keeping each other warm on cold December nights. But it's going to take a Christmas miracle for Wyatt to put his trust in love a second time.

My Thoughts:

Calliope has been waiting for him for a long time and won't stop till he is hers. Wyatt hasn't been the same since his ex wife broke his heart. He didn't expect much when Calliope, His ex wife younger sister, got him to do some construction at her daycare. Calliope isnt the same little girl he once knew.

I loved Calliopes characters, I loved that she wasn't the type of girl to sit there and be chased. No, she was type of women to get up and go after what she wants. There needs to be more characters like her who isnt afraid to go after what she wants. I loved the connection between the two. I loved that I got the point of view from both characters. I just loved everything about this short little story. Highly Recommend!

It's Not Christmas Without You by Helenkay Dimon

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Carrie Anders officially broke up with Austin Thomas when she accepted a dream job in the city. Unofficially, she misses him and is tempted to sneak back to her West Virginia hometown to see him. That's why this year, she's not going home for the holidays. Her heart can't take any more mornings-after where nothing has changed--and Austin has made it clear he's not interested in relocating.

Austin's been waiting for Carrie to realize she can't live without him. But when he hears she's not coming home for Christmas, he decides to take action. Carrie won't come to the country, he's going to bring a piece of the country to Carrie--in the form of a Christmas tree lot just minutes from her apartment. He's certain daily meetings will entice her to come home with him, this time for good.

Their attraction is as hot as ever, but with such contrary Christmas wishes, can either of them get what they really want this year?

My Thoughts:

Carrie Anders wanted more from her career and if Austin wasnt going to come with her then shes goign to leave without him. It's the holiday season and she hasnt seen Austin for a while and he's back to win her heart. Carrie wants to show Austin how important her career is but knows its going to be hard, if she can get him to see maybe things will work out.

I enjoyed this sweet, fast paced book. I liked that Carrie didn't let her relationship ruin the career she loves most. If Austin loved her he would accept her choices not stop her. I liked that Carrie was a hard working women who does what she loves. I loved the connection between the two. Perfect little escape from the holidays stress. Highly Recommend!

Mistletoe & Margaritas by Shannon Stacy

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Claire Rutledge still believes in love, despite losing her husband. So, after two years, she's not surprised by the steamy dreams telling her it might be time to start moving on. But she didn't expect her friend Justin to have the starring role.

Justin McCormick has loved Claire since the moment he first saw her, but his best friend got there first. Now that Claire is ready to move on with her life, Justin is finding it harder than ever to hide his true feelings. And when they both get caught up in the holiday spirits at a party, their simmering mutual attraction boils over into a night neither of them can forget...

My Thoughts:

Claire is a widow and after the suggestion of a friend he starts to look at her best friend Justin in a new light. Justin has been in love with Claire for seven years but when he found out his best friend fell for her he backed off. Now that she's been a widow for sometime they both are starting to feel an attraction they can't deny. But Justin is starting to feel guilty for falling for his best friend's girl.

Predictable, enjoyable and sweet. I liked watching the attraction between the two. I thought this short story was well written and fast paced. Overall I enjoyed this book and highly recommend you lovely readers to check it out.

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