Friday, November 8, 2013

Review : The Mountains Shadow

The Mountain's Shadow by Cecilia Dominic
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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Some mistakes can literally come back to bite you.

First it was ADD. Then pediatric bipolar. Now the hot behavioral disorder in children is CLS, or Chronic Lycanthropy Syndrome. Public health researcher Joanie Fisher was closing in on the cause in hopes of finding a treatment until a lab fire and an affair with her boss left her without a job.

When her grandfather leaves her his multimillion-dollar estate in the Ozarks, though, she figures her luck is turning around. Except her inheritance comes with complications: town children who disappear during full moons, an irresistible butler, and a pack of werewolves who can't seem to decide whether to frighten her or flirt with her.

Joanie's research is the key to unraveling the mysteries of Wolfsbane Manor. However, resuming her work means facing painful truths about her childhood, which could result in the loss of love, friendship, and the only true family she has left.

Warning: Some sexy scenes, although nothing explicit, and adult language. Also alcohol consumption and food descriptions that may wreck your diet.

My Thoughts

Wow, this book is very unique and different from what I've read before. I thought the characters were interesting. I loved how well educated the main character was even if she didn't make the best choices in men. This book was well written and had an great story line. I liked the idea that this book wasn't revolved about a relationship, there was an attraction between characters but there was story beyond it that really made this book good. Overall I enjoyed this book 4.5 Stars!

Cecilia Dominic wrote her first story when she was two years old and has always had a much more interesting life inside her head than outside of it. She became a clinical psychologist because she's fascinated by people and their stories, but she couldn't stop writing fiction. The first draft of her dissertation, while not fiction, was still criticized by her major professor for being written in too entertaining a style. She made it through graduate school and got her PhD, started her own practice, and by day, she helps people cure their insomnia without using medication. By night, she blogs about wine and writes fiction she hopes will keep her readers turning the pages all night. Yes, she recognizes the conflict of interest between her two careers, so she writes and blogs under a pen name.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with one husband and two cats, which, she's been told, is a good number of each.

You can find her at:
Twitter: @RandomOenophile

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  1. Wow, thanks for the 4.5 stars and for hosting me on your blog! I'm thrilled that you liked the book. Yeah, Joanie can't be smart about everything. :-)


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