Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: Deadly Game

Deadly Game by Cara Lockwood 
(Follow Me #1)
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult
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Overnight, Calypso "Cal" Morgan's sensual Greek summer abroad turns into a thrilling, high-stakes race to prove to the world (and herself) that her brand-new and very sexy boyfriend Daniel is not a murderer.  On the run together, Cal and Daniel must outwit handsome Greek detective Nico Theseus and face their attraction to each other - amid the stress and growing suspicions unearthed by the investigation.

Beautiful college student Calypso “Cal” Morgan’s semester abroad had quickly become a steamy summer romance on the gorgeous Greek Isle of Naxos until the morning she wakes, after a night of hard partying, to find her new boyfriend, Daniel, in bed with her wild roommate Gia. But far worse than that, he’s completely covered in her blood. Unable to remember what happened and unwilling to leave each other, Cal and Daniel flee with the handsome police detective Nico Theseus close on their heels. Doomed as they seem to be, it seems that Daniel isn’t the only suspect worth hunting down in the first episode in Cara Lockwood’s sexy, suspenseful, and fast-paced e-serial Follow Me.

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My Thoughts:
Cal and Daniel wake up to find blood all over and a dead body. Not knowing what happened the night before they pretty much thought it would be better to jet rather then wait to see what becomes of it when the police arrives. Now Cal and Daniel are on the run. Meanwhile Nico a detective is on the case and looking for Cal and Daniel.

Fast paced, steamy, but short. I just loved how this book started, the reader is left just as confused as Cal and Daniel the day they woke up with no memory of what happened the night before. Once you start you won't be able to stop until the story end. Good thing about it is that this book is a short so you can finish this book within a hour or so. Which is pretty good for me personally because I ride the bus a lot and short books like this are good to read when you got a little time to spare. But then again I just wish that it was longer but then again thats what the second book is for I guess to see what happens next on their journey. I loved how fast paced this book was and that there was always something going on. When you read this book it might remind you of that case for Amanda Knox which was interesting in itself. Overall I enjoyed this book and look forward to see what happens 4.5 of 5 stars!

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