Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: A Summer To Remember

A Summer To Remember by Elle Chardou
A Seasons of Love & Lust Novel
Pages: 330


Jerrica Peterson doesn't believe in love and although she is a successful art gallery owner in Manhattan at the tender age of twenty-four, life has played a cruel trick on her.

Two years ago, an incident at Vassar College ruined her life and destroyed her relationship with her boyfriend. Now, the only purpose men serve is for temporary satisfaction.

However the summer of 2013 is about to be explosive and everything she believes about life, love and friendship is about to be turned on its head.

It's a summer where she will discover true love, travel to three amazing getaways: the Hamptons, Martha's Vineyard and Miami Beach...and where she will realize that having the love of her life is truly fulfilling but when she has her three best friends in tow, life is made that much sweeter.

This is a New Adult novel appropriate for those 17+ due to mature content, language and adult situations. HEA endings and NO CLIFF HANGERS!

Seasons of Love & Lust will consist of the following full-length novels which follow a group of four best friends who all attended Vassar College. Think Sex & the City meets Gossip Girl:

A Summer to Remember (Jerrica's story)
Falling For Autumn (Autumn's story)
Winter's Regret (Talia's story)
Spring Fling (Savannah's story)

My Thoughts:

Jerrica wanted Paul for a long time but he was off limits, he is after all her brothers best friend. To get over her fawning over Paul she was with Kevin. But Kevin ruined her and now she doesn't take love seriously. She uses guys the way guys use girls and she has no problem with that. Now shes back home and sees Paul old feeling are back but he has a girl. This will be a summer of love, and drama.
I liked the book, he was enjoyable. But at times I felt like it dragged. Its find the way it is but I wanted a bit more from it. This is a great summer read. I thought Jerrica was well developed and I had enjoyed the characters and the story. I wish there was more the one point of view that way I could connect to the character more but its fine because apparently there are more books with the other characters story so I'm looking forward to see what happens in the other friends stories. I loved the connection between Paul and Jerrica and the sex scenes were pretty steamy. Overall I enjoyed the book. I dont want to give the book a 3 stars because I liked the book but I didn't love the book either. This book is like a 3.5 to 4 stars.

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