Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: Mad For You

Mad For You by Anna Antonia
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group : New Adult
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I had gone to high school with Gabriel Gordon. Despite his heavenly name and matching beauty, Gabriel was anything but angelic. Rich, spoiled, and far too cynical for his age, he could easily charm the skirt off a prim beauty or a young teacher or two. Gabriel Gordon was mad, bad, and ...well, you probably know the rest.

The years hadn't changed him, despite taking over his father's company and expanding it into a multinational corporation. Unfortunately, it was just my luck that I found myself working in Gabriel's building. Although I had managed to avoid him for the better part of a month, a chance encounter in the elevator proved he was still an arrogant man who showed far too much interest in the shape of my mouth and nape of my neck.

From then on, Gabriel bedeviled me, teased me, and more often than not, made me want to throw things at his head. Still, just as in high school, I couldn't help but see the pain behind his lazy grin and the shadows in his crystalline gaze. When Gabriel confessed his love for me, I should have been the happiest woman in the world. Too bad I couldn't believe him...

Emma Adams had always considered herself level-headed, even-tempered, and most of all, sane. So how did she become someone who couldn't seem to push Gabriel Gordon away? No matter how sweet his words could be or how easily passion exploded between them, getting involved with the outrageously wealthy playboy had to be the height of insanity. Given their tumultuous natures and personal demons, there was only way a relationship between them could survive: in madness.

My Thoughts:
Emma had her heart broken once by the arrogant Gabriel and refuses to let him get past her walls again. Little did she know that she would see him again when her job relocates forcing her to see Gabriel once again. Once they see each other old feelings start to resurface but with Emma old insecuities come out as well. Will they be able to get over the past and try to make room for the future?

Very predictable and still very enjoyable. At first I had a hard time connecting to the book, but once I got into it within a couple of pages I just couldn't put it down. I really enjoyed this book and Loved the characters. There's Emma who had her share of insecurities with the way things ended with her and Gabriel and then there's the insecurity of the past that made sure she was aware of her social status and his. Emma works hard for what she wants and I feel like at times she was selfless. Gabriel is a rich guy who gets what he wants and has the money to throw at you if needs be. I liked that Emma was cautious. That even if she agreed to be with her she made sure to remind herself of what happens and to stand her ground at certain points. I liked that she was the reason Gabriel wanted to be a better person and attempt to do things on his own rather then letting others get it for him. The book was great, a bit steamy in the end.

Overall I enjoyed the book its worth 4 of 5 stars and I look forward to seeing the next book.

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