Monday, June 5, 2017

Review : Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Western, Christian, 
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Pages: 290
Published March 7th 2017 by Multnomah Books
The Prodigal Is Coming Home

It's been a long time since Colt Stafford shrugged off his cowboy legacy for shiny Manhattan loafers and a promising career on Wall Street. But when stock market manipulations leave him financially strapped, the oldest son of legendary rancher Sam Stafford decides to return to the sprawling Double S ranch in Gray's Glen, Washington. He's broke, but not broken, and it's time to get his legs back under him by climbing into the saddle again.

He doesn't expect to come home to a stranger pointing a loaded gun at his chest-- a tough yet beautiful woman that Sam hired as the house manager. Colt senses there's more to Angelina Morales than meets the eye, and he's determined to find out what she's hiding...and why.

Colt's return brings new challenges. Younger brother Nick, who's longbeen Sam's right-hand man, isn't thrilled when Colt inserts himself into Double S affairs. And the ranch's contentious relationship with the town's people forces all the Stafford men to reconsider what it truly means to be a neighbor. As Wall Street recovers, will Colt succumb to the call of the financial district--or stay in the saddle for good?

Colt was working on wall street when come shady things happened and he ended up going back to the Double S Ranch where his father is ill. Its been years since hes been back and vowed to not return but things happen. Entering his childhood home he wasn't exactly expecting a welcome committee and the last thing he expected was for a gun to be pointed at him by the help lovely help. Angelia is more then just the help and she makes sure things run smoothly but is also hiding a secret that no one but Colts father knows. The more Angela and Nick see eachother the more things start to spark between the two but know it won't end well because she got a place/job she might go back to and Nick seems to get offers as well.

I loved getting to go back into the first book from this Double S series and seeing more of Nicks character because I managed to get myself the second book which starred Nick before this and really liked his character. I loved getting to know a bit more before his story started. Now although I read the second book first Id recommend you check it out in the correct order.

I thought that this book was interesting. Colt seems to be really tough,cold, and could really sense he cared for his family in the second book and that was my impression of him in the second book and I got to change my perspective of him.I loved seeing the sweetness between Colt and Angelina. I loved that there was plenty going on around the characters that there really was never a dull moment. I thought it was interesting getting the fathers perspective in the book as well as other characters. I loved seeing how the book played out in general it was a sweet christian romance and I enjoyed it.

* * I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. * *

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