Saturday, October 15, 2016

Review: Identity Unknown

Identity Unknown by Terri Reed

Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Romance, Mystery,
Pages: 288
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When a John Doe washes up on the shores of Calico Bay, no one knows who he is—including him. But one thing's instantly clear to deputy sheriff Audrey Martin: the man's marked for murder. And she's the only one who can protect him from the assassins who lurk at every turn. The arrival of a team of men claiming he's Canadian Border Services officer Nathanial Longhorn only further complicates the matter. As his memories slowly start drifting back, Nathanial's determined to work with Audrey to uncover who wants him dead and why. But he's tangled in something that threatens to submerge them both. And unless Audrey can help him figure out what, this Christmas might be their last

I really enjoyed this book there was so much going on to keep me hooked and it was hard to put down. I loved that there was plenty mystery of what was going on and questioning if there was really someone doing an inside job working for the bad guys. I loved that the Audrey worked hard to be where she was in a male dominated work force or at least made dominated where she comes from. She made a name for herself and doesn't back down. She makes sure she gets her job done and well. I enjoyed watching the connection between the two. Overall a great story I was hooked from the start.

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