Sunday, August 14, 2016

Glasses Shop & Review

Its been a couple months I had talked about GlassesShop. If you're not familiar with this site then you should. A few months I received my first pair of glasses from them and they are going strong. What I mean is I'm a complete brute who is pretty good with breaking glasses and going through them really quickly.

The glasses I chose from the site was Charlottesville - Black. They are pretty, simple, wordy, and perfect for me as a book lover / blogger. I really love the detailing on the sides of the glasses. Its not something that I've seen before.

One thing I must admit is that I had put these glasses though heck and back over the last couple of months and they are surprisingly in great condition. That goes to say these aren't cheap glasses - The price of them are - but the quality of the glasses are amazing.

After seeing how great they were holding up I decided last month to get another pair of glasses so I can switch things up a bit. I got these Reginald Oval - Brown. I LOVE them they remind me of my old pair that I've managed to rough up. My old pair cost me about $175 maybe more it was a while back.

Do you want to take a guess at how much I paid for these? $10. Yes. $10. Prescription glasses. For $10. Mind you the site listed these as $29.95 which is also a great price. There are always dozens of promotions going on. When I signed up an account on the website they have this first time free promotion. That took off a decent amount of money off the glasses and with shipping the total was $10. (If you'd like to take advantage of another discount, you scroll down to the end of this post you'll get a special discount code that'll give you 50%.)

There is no reason for any of you who love wearing glasses not to check out this site. Whether you ware fashion glasses, prescription glasses, or sunglasses you will find something just right for you. Amazingly enough there is a section of affordable prescription sunglasses which I'm currently looking through as of now while writing this and there are super cute choices and great choices for those guys out there who also wear glasses. I have to wear glasses and during the summer I have to make that choice when on vacation to either wear my prescription glasses or regular sunglasses. With the options on the site I won't have to make that choice.

So here are the options of prescription sunglasses that I'm leaning towards getting very soon:

Its different, unique and colorful, my swimsuit is black so this would match nicely. This one is called Honey Wayfarer - Multicolour. I've pretty much had my eyes on these all summer. I really should order them.
This one is called BARTLEY WAYFARER - BLACK (ORANGE MIRROR-COATING) I really love the color of the lens. Its a nice pop of color that looks unique.
This one is Lexington Aviator - Black. How can you go wrong with a nice pair of aviator glasses?

So here's why you should order glasses from Glassesshop:

  • Convenience - If your a busy person or just on vacation you can just pop onto the site and trust me when I say you're going to find a bunch of glasses your going to be interested in fairly quickly. Just order and it'll come to you in the mail no need to go anywhere. 
  • Able to order Prescription glasses. From what I've noticed, most of the glasses have the option of getting prescription with little or no cost.
  • Cheap Glasses - On top of the already low prices your always going to see some type of sale going on with this site. If I were you I'd take advantage of this deal because the deals are always changing and you might find something that'll suit you.
  • Quality - These glasses are really great, I've put my glasses though heck and back and they managed to come out just fine. (I may have sat on them once or twice, stepped on, babies yanking them off my face, and after all that and more I'm surprised they survived.)
  • Prescription Sunglasses - Need I say more? Plus they have an amazing selection.
  • So many options to choose from and I love that there is the filter area so I can narrow down the searches to my specific tastes without wasting time looking through glasses I don't really like. For instant I gravitate towards rectangle glasses, that are black. So I just click those options and the site will recommend me glasses that have those options in different styles which I love. That's how I got my second pair of glasses.
I can honestly say I love this site and I will continue to order my glasses from there. I've even managed to convince some family members or friends to check out this site and I honestly think you readers will love this site and products. Especially those of you out there who need them for reading like me.

Be sure to use this special discount code: GSHOT50 This code means you'll have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). Tell me that isn't a great deal.

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