Monday, May 16, 2016

Glasses Shop + Discount Offer

Hello lovely readers!

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about these great new glasses I recieved recently from Glasses Shop. It actually came at a perfect time, my last pair were 4 years old and were a wreck.

Try reading with a pair of old scratched up glasses and you'll understand why I'm happy about these cute new glasses.

One of the many the great things about GlassesShop is that you can order these glasses online at at your convenience. I've been busy lately with life and reading and I hardly have time to make an appointment and work out getting new glasses. When I heard about this site, I browsed around I swear soon as I saw these glasses on the site I automatically knew they were mine and that I had to have them. In case your wondering they are called Charlottesville - Black.They are cute, simple, and stylish. Plus I also love that they are wordy at the sides isn't that such cute detailing? Perfect for a book blogger with a love for the written words.

The one thing I can say though is that I was a bit worried about how they would look but conveniently if you click the glasses and look at the bottom right corner you'll see the words try on. Just upload a picture of yours and you get a bit of a preview of what they would look like on you.

Another great reason you should check out the glasses is that they are cheap, not in quality but price.

While browsing the site I saw so many lovely glasses and was surprised at how cheap the eye glasses were If you click that link you'll notice that there are some glasses as low at $9.95! The glasses I've chosen are really cute and at a great price. The last pair of glasses I got at my usual place cost a whole lot more then the glasses I got from this site and they were pretty flimsy. The glasses I got from the site are a whole lot cheaper and after using them for a bit I can tell that its really good quality - not flimsy at all.

For you readers out there the way I figure it, the less I spend on glasses the more I can spend on getting books. Which is a great way to look at things.

It's almost summer and many of you can probably understand my pain of having to choose between my prescription glasses and sunglasses for when I'm reading out outside on the beach. 

I really hate having to choose between the two. The great thing about GlassesShop glasses is now I won't have to choose between the two. They have a great selection of Perscription Sunglasses to choose from, again, at a affordable price. At my old place they were pretty expensive that I wouldn't even look at that as a option. I was so happy to find out that they had really cute selection of sunglasses that can be used with prescription so during this summer I won't have to choose between one or the other. Actually now as I'm writing this I'm really considering getting one of these prescription sunglasses either Fresno Round clip-onHoney Wayfarer - Multicolour, or go for a more classic look with Bowling Wayfarer - Black. Maybe you can help me choose which one is the cutest?

Now here's for a even better deal on top of their already low prices use this discount code GShot50 for 50% off!

If you order a pair of glasses let me know! I would love to see what you've picked. I also need help deciding which prescription sunglasses to choose from so if you can leave a comment below it would be greatly appreciated!

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