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Tour / Review : How I Ruined My Life

How I Ruined My Life by T. L. Bainter

Publication date: February 12th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
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Kyle has gone unnoticed for the vast majority of his life and he’s always preferred it that way. Homeschooled, shy, and only attending church because he’s forced to, there’s not really anything outstanding or interesting about him. That changes, however, when he meets James Porter. The two are fast friends, but Kyle isn’t sure if that’s a good thing or not. While some of the experiences resulting from their friendship are grand, many other experiences leave Kyle broken, angry, and depressed. Is Kyle’s friendship with James really such a good thing, or would he have been better off if he’d simply remained the quiet, lonely boy that no one seemed to notice?
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Some how I don't remember requesting a book for this tour but I guess that I've just forgotten. This book can be summed as the growing pains of being a young adult. Going through consequences of his actions and just getting by through the hard times.Learning about friendship, love and growing up. I did like this book, it was a nice enough contemporary book. I can't say I loved it though, I felt like something was off. I liked the main character but he drove me nuts sometimes, he was pretty ok but at times he was pretty impulsive that landed him in a bit of trouble. I wanted to yell at him a couple times. I didn't like the ending, it was quite abrupt. I knew that the ending was near but I felt like there was quite a few loose ends.(Spoiler only highlight to read)like that girl in new orleans with how it ended I was hoping that they would at least write to each other or he can explain what happened. Or maybe help her from her situation.

Overall this was a nice book to read and I did enjoy it.

Author Bio:

T. L. Bainter was born in 1994 and began writing short stories not long after that. Since the age of six, he has been churning out short story after short story. After receiving an award from the renowned Writers of the Future competition for his short story Edwin, T. L. Bainter found the confidence and encouragement that he needed to write and publish his first novel: How I Ruined My Life. Currently, he resides in Kansas City with his cat, Sooba.

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