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Blitz : YA Author Rendezvous

Let us introduce YA Author Rendezvous – a group of independent Young Adult, Middle Grade and Children’s Book authors who have banded together to bring their stories to as wide an audience as possible. Visit them online and find some great reads!

Today we’re featuring YA Author Rendezvous author, Bethany Wicker!
Favorite YAAR Supporting Characters

Everyone gets to know and fall in love with the MC, or Main Character. I, however, tend to fall for supporting characters. In our group YAAR, short for Young Adult Author Rendezvous, there are several great characters to choose from, but I’d like to talk about a few of my favorites.

We’ll start with Unexpected Alpha, by Bethany Wicker (yours truly.) I’m in love with Marie, the best friend of the MC. She provides comedic relief. I may be biased because she’s based off my best friend in real life, Mariah, but her bubbliness is hard to hate. She also becomes a badass werewolf when necessary.
Next up, The Institute Series by Kayla Howarth. I’m SO IN LOVE WITH DREW! Sorry, went a little fan girl. He betrays Allira in the beginning, but fights so hard to make things right throughout the series that Kayla made it had to not fall for him. Who doesn’t love a bad guy who tries to make things right in the end?

Then, there’s Joshua’s Island by Patrick Hodges. Who doesn’t love Kelsey? Sure, she gets her own novel in Ethan’s Secret, but before that she was a supporting character. She was so hardcore, stood up to the bullies, and stood for what’s right. She helps Joshua in so many ways to develop the courage he needs to stand up for himself.

The Awaken Series, by Michelle Bryan has several intriguing characters: Finn, Po, Tater, and my favorite, Jax. He’s SO ATTRACTIVE, hold on, need to shift away from fan girl mode. He comes to Tara’s aid when you least expect it and continues to help her on her journey. His snide comments are a bonus and there’s no instant love between them, which always ruins a good story.

Dawn of the Rebellion, by Michelle Lynn is up next with Drew. Yes, another Drew. I swear it isn’t the name! Drew’s originally Gabby’s boyfriend, but when she’s taken, Dawn and Drew set out to rescue her. Their relationship blossoms slowly and you see his true character come to life, and it’s very desirable. I’m not going to spoil anything but I cried at the end… read and see why.

Guest Post

The Process...
Ever hear someone talk about “The Writing Process”? It was probably some professor, right? Or a bestselling author trying to sound sophisticated? I don’t like that phrase because, to me, writing in itself is not a process. Sure all the other stuff surrounding the writing consists of steps and “must-dos.”. But I don’t sit at my computer every day and follow steps. It’s more of a hodge podge, miss matched bag of tricks. I open my laptop and stick my hand in, never quite sure what I’m going to pull out. Creativity can’t be forced. The imagination doesn’t have rules. Not all authors fit in a box.
This “process” that people refer to is what comes after the writing. The editing. More editing. The cover design. The publishing. The marketing. If we weren’t all crazy to begin with, it would make us insane. They say that insanity is doing something over and over and expecting different results. Well, most of us writers will never be able to do it full time. Yet we keep plowing through an unforgiving process. We spend months, sometimes years working on a single book. My first series, the Dawn of Rebellion trilogy, took me two years to complete.
There IS hope - sanity in this world does exist! Well, a special kind of sanity anyways. We just have to find it. The Austin Powers fan in me wants to call it my author mojo. I’ve been lucky enough to find it in my fellow authors. My friends at the Young Adult Author Rendezvous, a writer’s group on Facebook, help me make sense of this world. They have quickly become my reviewers, my beta readers, my editors, my cheerleaders, my critics, and my friends. I get so much of my inspiration from their books. One of the largest parts of my process (man, I still hate that word) is reading. Every. Single. Day.
I am an author but I’m also a reader. I’m a fangirl. I’ve read a lot of books of all genres. Very few have touched me as much as many of the books from YAAR. I could not be the writer I am without them. My process (gag) would not be complete.

Who would have thought Facebook would be good for anything other than wasting time?
Lastly, there’s Rise of the Shadow Seekers, by Korey Ward. My favorite of the trio is Nelson. I loved him from the moment he was introduced. He defended Alex from the bullies, but his looks scream otherwise. He’s broad and intimidating, but doesn’t use it for his own gain. Instead, he helps Alex in his quest and quickly becomes one of his first friends. A friend that anyone would want.

There are plenty characters out there that I didn’t have enough room to give credit to, but check them out in the YAAR library and be on the lookout for those enchanting supporting characters.
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Author Bio:

Bethany Wicker resides in Louisiana and is a pediatric nurse who loves to read and write any chance she gets. Her sun conure, Apollo, green cheek conure, Rocket, and her two dogs, Jasper and Drake, usually keep her company while she writes, throwing in ideas of their own. She has a loving husband, Lucien, and an amazing family who support her passion for writing. Her inspiration comes from her friend Mariah and the support from her fellow authors from YA Author Rendezvous. She loves young adult fiction of all sorts and thanks God for giving her the strength to finish novels of her own. She is obsessed with Disney, Cherry Coke, and White Chocolate Mochas, especially from Starbucks. She also loves food and is always excited to try new things.
For more YA Author Rendezvous Authors, visit their website!

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