Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review : Second Chance Colton

Second Chance Colton by Marie Farrarella

(The Coltons of Oklahoma #5)
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Harlequin
Goodreads: Click
Pages: 288
Expected publication: October 6th 2015 by Harlequin Books 


Scandal leads to death on the Colton ranch in the latest fromUSA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella

When murder strikes his family's ranch, Detective Ryan Colton follows the evidence...straight to his sister. Instinct tells him she's innocent. But once her DNA is found at the scene, Ryan goes head-to-head with the forensics expert he'd hoped to avoid. Susie Howard--the beautiful woman he once loved...and left.

Seeing Ryan again has Susie doubting everything, especially her resolution to forget the sexy, rugged cowboy cop. If her intuition is wrong, then the real killer is still at large and has the Coltons in his sights. Teaming up with Ryan is the only way for him to save his family--and his second chance with her.

My Thoughts:

Detective Ryan Colton is less then thrilled that strange things keep happening at his family's ranch. But its even worse a body is found and all signs lead to his sister. Things just don't add up and he is working hard to prove his sisters innocence. The only other person in the dept who is out to help him get to the bottom of this is Susie the forensic. Who also happens to be an EX of his before things got complicated and he left for the Navy. As they work on helping his sister things start to heat up for the two co workers.

You know what? I've been for some reason following this series and didn't notice it. Seems like I've read all the books at different times and the name Colton's kept giving me the sense of Deja vu that I don't even know why it didn't click that I've been going along with this series. I've requested all these books through netgalley so I never really took the chance to look at they were all connected. Looking back and checking out old reviews of the previous books I really enjoy this series. From how this book turned out I'm pretty sure the next book will be the last and I'll definitely be sure to be on the look out for this cause I just got to see how this series end.

I loved the who mystery that surrounded the book. I loved that there was a bit of romance, and second chances between the two. Maybe even for Greta getting her second chance which I hope to see in the next book. I thought that the mystery person was someone unexpected even if I was kind of guessing who it could be I wasn't expecting to be right. If your wondering go check this book out. This book was very well written and I enjoyed every minute reading this book. Its fast paced with many things going on and overall a great book.

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