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Raising Money For Autism & Autism Awareness Books

So I've decided to walk for autism awareness and am working on raising money towards the cause. My goal is $150 which shouldn't be too hard with the amount of followers on this Blog / Facebook Page. But don't worry this isn't only about raising money its about raising awareness on autism but showing a couple of books that I've read and come across that features autistic characters.

I've decided to take on this challanege because my adopted brother and I are on the Autism Spectrum. I'm a Aspie (Aspergers) and my brother has Pervasive Developmental Disorder. I'm helping raise money to help pay for research on autism, and help pay for resources and job training for families that are very much like mine who have been impacted by autism.

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Since I'm apart of a book blog/page I've decided to show a couple of books that raise awareness on autism. So here are a couple books that I've read and know about so far. If you know of a book on autism doesn't matter what type comment below I love coming across new books that I haven't read yet!

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Review :

This is among my favorites when it comes to books.

Drea has always hid herself by her sound design machines and is always being reminded that she has "issues" (Asperger syndrome). Moving to a new town Drea finally finds people who are actually interested in being her friend. 

This book has bands, and a crazy friend who gets into trouble but means well. I believe that this book is really relate able not only to people with Asperger but to any who has ever been an outsider. This book is all about their connection to music.

The main message is that she just thinks differently from what society expect. As someone with Asperger syndrome it maybe hard at times to learn to deal with things in a way that is "normal" and this is just the characters way of dealing with things that life throws her way. 

Reviews and Info: 

Goodreads Links: Wild Orchid & Waiting for No One


(Wild Orchid)
Though out this book the readers will get a different perspective into the mind of Taylor who is a 18-year-old girl with asperger syndrome (Mild form of autism). Taylor's mother decides to move to a different town with her boyfriend bringing Taylor along. This pretty much changes everything for Taylor who has her own set routine, and now has to learn to make a new one. 

I can get how this book can be difficult to read for some, its very descriptive in the first couple of pages which can get tiresome. I think this is a pretty good portrayal of someone with aspergers. I really enjoyed the book though. It only took me one day to read it. I have asperger syndrome myself and never known anyone else who has it and I loved reading Taylor's perspectives and how alike I am to her. Even though I feel that this book does drag once you get though it, its a pretty good book.

The reason I think it would be harder for people to get through it is because in the beginning shes feeling out of wack and pretty much is trying to get a hold of some routine and because she hasnt figured it out she gets descriptive about everything, gets obsessive with counting, thinks too much and tends to blather on. As it progresses you'll see she'll find some sort of routine and the writing gets better and runs more smoothly. 

I would recommend this to people who want to learn different perspectives of others. 

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