Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review : The Heat of the Night

The Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews

Genre : Contemporary, Romance, Harlequin
Pages : 224
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Published August 1st 2014 by Harlequin KISS

It's supposed to be all hands on deck…not on each other!

To Claudia Davis, her Australian beach hotel is paradise. To her business partner, Luke Hargreaves, it's a burden he's desperate to shake off! Then a cyclone hits, and it's down to them both to rebuild the resort. But keeping their minds on the job proves impossible with all those scorching-hot nights alone together….

Agreeing to a fling seems risk-free—Luke's leaving for London soon, and surely their chemistry will have self-combusted by then? Except with time running out it's just getting hotter…like a fireball burning out of control….


When a cyclone ruins her family beach hotel Claudia is devastated. Unfortunately Luke is tied to the hotel as well when his parents and Claudia's parents ran the hotel. He has an opposite view the the hotel and would rather just check on thing and leave back to his life and job in London. Luke and Claudia grew up together so it was hard for Luke to see her more then just a sister. Now that he's back and bitter from his failed marriage he sees Claudia in a new light as well as the hotel. But he's only there for a short while until she goes back to his London town leaving the hotel and Claudia behind.

I really loved this book. Its has a perfect mixture heat, drama and romance to keep the readers wanting more. I loved watching the sparks fly between the two. I thought that the characters were enjoyable and loved that there was a dual POV of Claudia and Luke. I loved that not everything was sweet there was issues that needed to be resolved between the two and it was interesting on how it went. Perfect summer book so you lovely readers should check out this book before the summer is over!

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