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Guest Post : Being

Facts about Being

By Mechelle Morrison
  1. As I wrote BEING it often felt as if I was ripping the story straight from my soul. There were times when I gave up; I couldn’t translate my ideas. Then there were the times that felt like I was opening a million eyes.
  2. BEING was inspired by a moonlit field of megaliths in northern France. What are megaliths? Standing stones, probably erected in the Bronze Age.
  3. The towns and roads mentioned in BEING—even the letters in the sea –exist. I have been to many of them. Google Maps has updated its imagery since I began writing the story, but years ago the satellite shot of [the island] Île-aux-Moines revealed oddly shaped letters—a PQ and R—resting off its coast on the ocean floor.
  4. The first draft of BEING was written in third person. The second in Elly’s POV. I wrote it in Tienne’s voice, in past tense and from Luq’s perspective. I wrote volumes of back story. But I kept coming back to Shepherd, which made sense. The story of BEING began when, some years after I had seen the stones in France, I dreamt of Shepherd standing among the stones, drenched in moonlight and listening. When I wrote a draft of the story in Shepherd’s voice I knew I had it right. It’s his story. He had to tell it.
  5. The title was once ‘Shepherd Sebastian and the Indigo Orb’. But as the story matured, the title began to feel too Indiana Jones-ish. Too Harry Potter-ish. The name BEING fits perfectly. It connects with Shepherd’s quest for his identity—but it also connects with the book’s bigger picture of asking readers to ‘step outside their box’ and consider their own place in the universe.

Being by Michele Morrison

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Released: June 13, 2014
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Seventeen-year-old Shepherd doesn’t believe in stuff he can’t explain, like ghosts or life after death.  So when he awakens in a strange city, seventy-five years ahead of where he was at breakfast, he’s understandably confused.  But not alone.  His sister’s there.  So is the family cat.

Five minutes into their new future, Shepherd witnesses a murder.  He finds a strange marble with a sun-colored shadow.  It begins to rain, his sister wants to go home, the cat runs away.  Stranger still, the people on the sidewalk don't seem to see him.  No one can hear him.  Until he meets Tienne.  It’s not love, but it could be.  She’s got fabulous blue eyes.  At least that’s what Shepherd thought right before she fainted.

What he doesn’t know is that Tienne knows everything about him—even the dark secret he created in a previous life.  His secret would explain his situation and a whole lot more, if he could remember it.  Which he can’t.  Tienne wants to help, but she once swore she’d keep his secret—even from him.  And she’s not the kind of girl to break her word.

Deep down, Shepherd knows he’s forgotten something major.  But he doesn’t want to remember; in fact, he does everything in his power not to.

Until someone tries to kill Tienne.

BEING is a different kind of ghost story about the power of memory, the nature of the universe and just how far one boy will go to ensure the love of his life lasts . . . forever.      Read chapter one:

As a child I filled my journals with someday-my-prince-will-come fantasies. Then one day my prince arrived, driving a silver Tundra, and we adopted a fine daughter. Life got busy—work, family, daily cooking—but I still spend my evenings giving voice to the stories inside my head. Only now instead of locking them away, I publish them.
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