Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review : Go With Me

Go With Me by Elyssa Patrick

Genre: Contmporary, Romance, College, Drama, New Adult
Pages : 281
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Published June 19th 2014 by Smashwords

I, Daphne Fox, have a few things to confess:

1. I hate Nick Brady. Loathe. Abhor. Can’t stand him 95% of the time.
2. That other 5%? I’m not talking about that at all.
3. People think I’m lucky for surviving the car crash. I disagree.
4. Nick is the only guy who makes my nightmares go away.
5. I won’t love him, though. Love is not worth the pain.

I, Nick Brady, have a few confessions of my own:

1. I don’t hate Daphne Fox. At all.
2. I find her scar sexy. Just like the rest of her.
3. I may be her older brother’s best friend, but that’s not going to stop me.
4. I love her.
5. And I’m going to do everything I can to have her.

* *  Recommended for readers 17 and older * *


Daphne was an in an accident that left her with survivors guilt. Its new years and Daphne is looking for more this year, a fresh new start. Nick Brady, her brothers best friend, is the guy she used to hate. But for some reason he looking her in a way she never seen before and they really can't help but feel that connection. Daphne got her own demons to get past and now she wants to Nick but dosen't want to tell her brother. Will she be able to put her past behind her and let her brother know how she feels about Nick or will she let things get in the way keeping her from happiness?

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was interesting seeing Daphne's POV on her surviviors guilt and getting past it. The only thing I didn't get was that in the blurb of the book it mentions her hating him and I didn't see that at any point. I mean it was hinted in the beginning but even then there was that connection between each other that I couldn't see her hating Nick. I enjoyed seeing the relationship between the two. I loved that this book was fun, filled with drama with a bit of steam. This book was well written and this is a standalone book if you were wondering being that this is book 2 to the With Me books. I really look forward to seeing more from this author. This is a great book and I recommend you lovely readers to check out this book.

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