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Review : Follow You Down


Dani Hartley is running from heartbreak and shame. She needs a new beginning, a fresh start with no commitments or attachments. What she definitely doesn't need is a gorgeous cocky sex god trying to fly in and play Superman.

Lucas Wade knows a thing or two about running. He has secrets in his past so dark they've turned part of his heart black. He only truly cares about two people in the world, his mother and little brother Logan. With the past that he has, the last thing he wants or needs is a mouthy red head busting into his life trying to get to know him and his secrets. 

What started as one night of passion quickly turns into a mess of feelings and desires that neither Dani nor Lucas can deny. But, what happens when two lost souls try to save each other all while working to keep their own secrets hidden.

How far down would you follow someone to save them from them self? And how do you save them if they don't want to be rescued?

*Follow You Down is the second book in the Reflect Me series, but can be read as a standalone.*


Review :

If I could choose two words to describe this book it would be : Steamy and Entertaining. This book I just couldn't put it down. I loved how unique the characters were. There was enough drama and steaminess to keep the readers wanting more. I thought that Dani's character was interesting and like that her family/upbringing was normal. I really enjoyed her mother when she made her appearances in the book. I loved the connection between Dani and Lucas. The story line the book was well written. Overall I really enjoyed this book and think you lovely readers will too.  

"He pauses for just a moment before picking me up and slamming my back against my jeep. I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist and loop my arms around his neck, locking my fingers. His hands are under my ass, his fingers digging into my skin while he pulls me as close to him as he possibly can. His mouth hits mine and the kiss we share is unlike any first kiss I have ever experienced. There is no hesitation in the way his lips work mine. There is no second thought in the way his tongue forces its way into my mouth, causing me to let out a moan that grows from my chest before it is released from my mouth into his. No, this first kiss isn't full of sweet promises of a second date and a happy relationship. This first kiss is filled with passion, want, and need; and the promise of a night that neither of us will ever want to forget. This first kiss is filled with a silent agreement that what happens from here on out will not be sweet and innocent, but dark and dirty in the best sense of the words. This kiss causes my blood to run hot through my veins and rush to my throbbing clit, wanting, no needing, Lucas’ master tongue to run over it and cause more moans to escape from my mouth. This kiss means Lucas Wade is going to fuck me tonight. And I can’t wait." 

Reflect Me Book #1 on SALE for $.99

Reflect Me by K.B. Webb

Book 1
Genre : New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Chick Lit
Paperback292 pages
Published September 21st 2013 by CreateSpace
Goodreads : Click
Purchase Links : Amazon
If you're looking for a story about a sweet, innocent virgin who rides off into the sunset with a reformed bad boy, then you're looking in the wrong place.

Some people don’t get a happily ever after. Molly Scott is one of those people, and she knows it. With the kind of past that she has, and the secrets that she holds, she knows that even if she found Prince Charming, he wouldn’t want her. She refuses to dwell on her less than ideal situation though. This is her life, no point in complaining.

Logan Wade had his life planned out, until all his dreams came crashing down around him. Now, he’s come back to the town he swore he would never see again to start fresh. He has no plans to ever settle down again, that’s how he ended up back here in the first place. 

When Molly and Logan meet, they are forced to rethink the lives they thought they knew and the futures they were so sure they wanted. Suddenly, Molly wonders if there is a better life outside of the hell she has built for herself, and Logan begins to rethink his resistance towards settling down again. 

They say love conquers all, but Molly and Logan are about to find out that sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Review : 

Molly hasn't had it easy and is paying the price of her past by letting her guilt leave her where she is at. She is abused mentally and physically and doesn't see a way out of it. That was until she met Logan the man who will help her see the light and hope for more then what she thought was possible.

I thought this book was enjoyable. I liked the characters. I loved getting to see Molly develop as a character from someone weak to someone who was able to stand up for herself. I loved that there was the POV of both Molly and Logan. I thought that the story was written very well, fast paced and loads of drama to keep the readers interested. Overall I really enjoyed this book 4 of 5 stars!

K.B. Webb is an Amazon bestselling author. She lives in a small Louisiana town with her husband, two daughters, and crazy dog. She stays home during the day being a full time mom and spends her nights writing. When she's not writing or chasing after two kids, she loves to read, cook, and watch Grey's Anatomy reruns. 

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