Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review : Down By The Water

Down By The Water by Anna Cruise

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
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Published September 2013 by Mission Bay Publishing

Lily can't escape the past.

Ten years after a tragedy tore her family apart, Lily is on her way to college for what she hopes will be a fresh start. Instead, she finds herself broken down in the place she swore she'd never return to, the place by the water that damaged her family beyond repair. When Ty Reilly offers her help, she reluctantly accepts, eager to get her car fixed and get the hell out of town.

But before that can happen, an eerily similar recurrence stops Lily cold. With her identity and ties to the old tragedy revealed, new suspicions cast a bright light on Lily. Everyone around her – the guy who offered her help, her own wayward sister, and the town sheriff who remembers her from a decade earlier – begins to wonder if her reappearance is merely a coincidence or if she's somehow involved. 

As Lily begins to thread together strands from the past with the present, she realizes that there's no such thing as a coincidence down by the water.

And that you can't ever really leave the past behind.

My Thoughts:

I've requested this from Netgalley a while ago and some how it got lost in my tbr list. I'm not even sure why it took me a long time to get to this fantastic book. I loved everything about this book, the mystery and suspense of who did what I loved that this book kept me guessing. I loved that there was a bit of romance and a little steamy scenes, from what I've noticed is that a lot of New Adult books really center around it and the main story tends to get lost. But this this book the steamy sciences and romance didn't over power the book. I loved how nothing was predictable with this book. The book was well written and the characters were interesting. With how much I loved this book I would highly recommend you readers to check this book out, its definitely worth the 5 of 5 stars!

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