Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review : Say Please

Say Please by Tara West

(Something More 3.5 Novella)

I meant every word when I told my wife how much I appreciate the way she cares for our son, but no husband should have to fight for attention like a dog begging for table scraps. It’s about time I get some action. 


I’m determined to show Andrés how much he means to me, and a romantic getaway is just what we need to rekindle our passion. But after neglecting him for so long, I hope he doesn’t make me beg for it.

My Thoughts:

After James was born, to Christina its all about her baby now. That leaves Andres a little frustrated. On her birthday Andres whisks her away on a mini vacation that helps renew the attraction they have for eac hother and make up for the lost times.

I liked this little additive to their relationship, it shows a tiny bump in the road for their relationship. Christina had to learn to balance being there for her child and her husband. This was short, sweet and steamy. Perfect for when you got a few moments to spare to read.

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