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Book Blitz : Spark

Spark by Bambi Bellamy 

Publication date: April 15th 2014

Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance
Goodreads: Click
Newlyweds Violet and Hunter are new in PussyWillow Falls, and they’re loving it.

Everything is beautiful, including the people.

Things heat up FAST when Violet satisfies her husband while they both watch a menage a trois over the fence going on in their neighbors backyard.

But, when the mailman, the paper boy and all the neighbors come calling for a piece of the Violet and Hunter action, was PussyWillow Falls a swinging paradise, or a swinging hell?

WARNING: Spark contains sexy neighbors who love getting it on… with each other. Graphic language and sex scenes abound. Be advised, this is no sweet romance. Contains hard pumping and ridiculous sexual situations and scenes to make your toes curl. If you can finish Spark without getting hot and bothered, I would check for a pulse. 18+ only!

 “Jack, this is Violet, one of the new neighbors from across the street,” Julia told him.
Reaching across, he grabbed my hand and leaned down and placed his lips on the back of it. My cheeks burned, and the feel of his lips on my hand was making my temperature rise by at least ten degrees. “Nice to make your acquaintance, Violet, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to make this short and sweet, as I have to get ready for work and be on the road in less than ten minutes.”
Stripping off his boxer shorts, he stood in front of me for what felt like minutes, until he finally walked away with this huge baton swinging between his legs.
Julia slapped him on his bare ass, and then turned back to her coffee like it was no big deal. I was starting to see that Julia and her husband were very comfortable in their own skin and didn't mind public displays of affection, or nudity.
“My apologies for my husband; he really doesn't have a shy bone in his body.”
I didn't know what to say, and the fact that I had just seen my new neighbor completely naked had taken me aback a bit. Drinking my cup of coffee, I was soon to see Jack come out in a very expensive tailored suit that probably cost more than the first car I owned.
“Wow, he really does clean up well.”
I couldn't get the image of his huge length out of my mind, and then began to play over certain images of him taking me from behind and pulling my hair at the same time.
“I know that look, and I see that my husband has made a lasting impression on you.”
There was no denying the fact that he had a massive length, and that his body was cut out of stone and doing some remarkable things to my libido, but I wasn’t going to admit that to her.
“Hey, you have nothing to worry about from me, as my husband and I have a very open relationship, and I think you know what I mean by that.”
She was actually giving me permission to fantasize about her husband Jack, and maybe even take it to another level altogether. Ever since Jamaica, I had seen sex as something that I could truly get used to having on a daily basis. Now that I have had some of the best sex of my life, I wanted to do some comparison-shopping and see what else was out there that could tickle my fancy. It's just that I didn't think I was that type of person to turn to another, especially when I had a very caring and supportive husband at home.
“No, no… looking will do just fine.” I think that she was a little disappointed at my reaction, and was hoping that she was going to be able to convince me to slide into their matrimonial bed. “Hunter isn't that type of man, and I don't think I am that type of woman.”
“Jack and I were exactly like you ten years ago, but we have since found that we like to experiment with other like-minded individuals. If you have to take a few baby steps, then I would suggest that you come over for the barbecue this weekend, and you can meet some of our neighbors and maybe see if anything else catches your attention.”
Running her hand down my arm, she was licking her lips and looking at me like she wanted to jump on top of me.
“I will talk it over with Hunter.” Pulling away from her was a little bit more difficult than I imagined, as her fingers dug into my skin, as if she desperately wanted to keep me sitting beside her and talking about the birds and the bees.
It wasn't like I was adverse to anything else, but just didn't know if I was the type of person who could find myself having sex with somebody who wasn't my husband. My parents always taught me that a marriage was built on trust and honesty, and when one person stepped out on the other, it usually meant that the relationship wasn't as strong as they both believed it be.

Top Ten Facts about Love

What is love, baby don’t hurt, don’t hurt me no more.

Haddaway - What Is Love


Love is one of the most misunderstood, and misused concept around today. Love is hard to define. It’s an intense feeling of affection. But, what does that really mean?

Well, I searched and researched and found some really cool facts about love.

10. It only takes up to 4 minutes to decide whether you like someone or not
If you want to make a good impression on someone, you’ve only got about 4 minutes to do it. It is believed that it has far more to do with your body language, tone and speed of your voice rather than exactly what you say.

9. When Two Lovers Gaze At Each Others’ Eyes, Their Heart Rates Synchronize
Some extraordinary research has found that couples who are in love and bond in a romantic relationship synchronize their heart rates after gazing into each others’ eyes for three minutes.

8. Falling In Love Has Neurological Effects Similar To Those Of Cocaine
Falling in love is much like taking a dose of cocaine, as both experiences affect the brain similarly and trigger a similar sensation of euphoria. Research found that falling in love produces several euphoria-inducing chemicals that stimulate 12 areas of the brain at the same time.

7. Romantic Love Eventually Ends…Only To Be Followed By Committed Love
Couples at the very beginning of a romantic relationship will be very different a year later. It is estimated that romantic love, which is linked with euphoria, dependence, sweaty palms, butterflies and alike, only lasts about a year. After that first year begins the so-called “committed love” stage. The transition is linked with elevated neurotrophin protein levels in newly formed couples.

6. Thinking Of Love And Sex Influences Creativity And Concrete Thinking, Respectively
Research based on the construal level theory found out that reminders of love influence more abstract and creative thinking because they are associated with more distant and abstract considerations – long-term relationships, devotion, commitment and intimacy. Reminders of sex trigger concrete thinking, making a person focus more on momentary details than on long-term plans or goals.

5. Attachment + Caring + Intimacy = Perfect Love
The triangular theory of love suggest a clear formula for the components of different kinds of love. There are three kinds of love that are a product of two different pairs of basic components: romantic love = passion + intimacy, companionate love = intimacy + commitment, and fatuous love = passion + commitment. Of course, the truest and strongest of all is consummate love, which consists of all three components.

4. Butterflies In The Stomach Are Real And They’re Actually Caused by Adrenaline
When you fall for someone you probably won’t be able to avoid the butterflies flying, dancing and fooling around in your stomach. They’re caused by adrenaline, which floods your body during flight-or-fight response situations.

2. People Who Are In Love Have Chemical Similarities With People With OCD
Studies show that people at an early stage of love have lower levels of serotonin, which is associated with feelings of happiness and well-being, and higher levels of cortisol, associated with stress. This is strikingly similar to those people who have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which explains why we act so out of character when we fall for someone. It works the other way around as well – people with lower levels of serotonin fall in love and get into sexual relationships quicker than others. Check out this vivacious video that explains the theory

1. Love Is Really All That Matters
A marvelous 75-year long study, which was conducted by a group of Harvard researchers, has shown that love is really all that matters. The participants’ lifelong experiences revealed that happiness and life fulfillment revolved around love or simply searching for love.

Maybe we’ve come closer to answering the question, What is Love.

I don’t think we’ll ever be able to truly define love, but as we live life, lets all try to experience it.

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