Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review : A Weaver Beginning

A Weaver Beginning by Allison Leigh
(Return to the Double-C Ranch series)
Genre : Contemporary Romance,
Age Group: Adult, New Adult
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Small town deputy Sloan McCray was making amends for his past. They called him a hero but only he had to live with the difficult choices he'd made. And he certainly wasn't prepared to fall in love again, not even with his beautiful - and innocent - new neighbor, whose very presence was a balm to his troubled soul.

There was no doubt in Abby Marcum's mind that Sloan was the guy for her. Though she'd moved to Weaver, Wyoming, to make a better life for her little brother, she saw her future with Sloan. Now she had to convince the man who felt unworthy of love that she and her heart were his for the asking.

My Thoughts:

Abby just moved into town with her younger half brother next door to the hott sheriff. At first she couldn't place the guy and remember he's the undercover agent who cracked a big gang case. She can't help but fall for him but he clearly stated  that and she and her younger brother need stability. Sloan is debating whether or not to stay as the sheriff and will be leaving soon, he can't stay and doesnt want be with a women for fear history will repeat itself. Abby was not something he expected to come into his life and no matter how he feels I can't help but want her but he's not what she needs.

Short, Sweet holiday romance. I loved it, I wanted to make sure I read this in time of the holidays. Hey since I can't have my holidays romance, the closet I'll get are these books. I'll take it were I can get it. :-) Oh come on I know I'm not the only one. Back to the book, I loved that there was two point of views, helped me connected to the characters more when I got to see what was on their mind. I loved how caring Abby was, she didn't have to take in her half brother but its clear she loves him and do everything she can to make sure he's taken care of. I loved the little romance brewing between Abby and Sloan. I loved how sweet and fun this book was.

This book is charming and an easy to read romance that perfect for the holidays. I recommend you lovely readers to check out this book. 4 of 5 stars.

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