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Review : Headfirst Falling

Headfirst Falling by Melissa Guinn
Published September 23rd 2013 by Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary
Age Group: New Adult
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Falling in love. It doesn't seem to fit, like falling shouldn't be used in conjunction with love. We don't fall gracefully. In fact, there's nothing graceful about it. We crash into things—hit them hard, bounce around, give ourselves cuts, bruises or break bones… And it's never planned. It takes you by surprise. You lose control.

Charlie Day fell in love with Jackson Stiles a long time ago. But that was before he and her brother enlisted and went to Iraq. Before Jackson came back different. Before they told Charlie her brother would never come back at all.

A lot of things have changed since then. But when Jackson takes a job at the company where Charlie works, she discovers that one thing hasn't changed—the spark between them. She's not sure she can love this new Jackson, or forgive him for the part he played in her brother's death. It's too bad for Charlie that, with love, you don't always have a choice.

My Thoughts:

"I'm trying to survive, and sometimes surviving doesn't mean coping. It means adapting."
Charlie lost her brother when he was in the army and the only person who came out of it was her brothers best friend, Jackson. They both have wanted each other but didn't dare go for it. It's been a while and both have changed, Charlie has changed because of the loss of her brother and became reckless. Meanwhile, Jackson came from the army and see things that can change a person but won't reveal what happens. Both of them are given a second chance to get together but the changes are affecting them and it becomes a problem. Will they be able to work through all that they have gotten through to be with each other or will it tear them apart.
"Sometimes I hate memories, because it's impossible to be content with them. It's easy to dissect them and obsess over how things could have been different, even though it's pointless."
Yes, its predictable and at time cheesy but its till a great book that I really enjoyed. I loved the connection between them and that it wasn't instantaneous. I loved how real the characters felt and I loved the Jackson and Charlies best friends. I loved how her best friend was caring, fun, supportive, says whats one her mind, loyal and responsibly. That being said my favorite character was Charlies best friend. I wish there was Jackson's point of view then I could've understood what happens when Charlie wasn't around, maybe I would't get annoyed as much about him If i knew what was going on. I like that the author did put that tid bit in the end of Jackson's point of view but I didn't feel it was necessary because at that point the readers know how Jackson feels and it doesn't need to be said. I was wondering if there was something along the line of marriage or something big in the epilogue.

Overall I enjoyed this book and think you readers will too. 4 of 5 stars!
"Life knocks you on the ass because it can. And it does it to everyone. I have to learn how to start getting back up."

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