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Fevered Souls Season Two

Dream Cast for the Fevered Souls Serial Novel

I love using Pinterest for inspiration for my stories (check out the board for Fevered Souls for lots of eye candy), so it’s not a surprise that I like to pin pictures of actors/models I think would make good novel characters. For Fevered Souls, I’d decided pretty early on who I’d like to play which role.

Cara Beaumont would have to be played by Amanda Seyfried (but with dark hair). I think she has the right kind of wide-eyed look that I imagine on Cara.

Dax Allard would be played by James Franco. I love his look—it’s dangerous and alluring at the same time.

A young Paul Walker would be the perfect James Spellman. *Swoon.*

Oscar DuBois would be played by Liam Neeson. He makes a distinguished-looking older man, I think.

Grace Beaumont, Cara’s mom, would have to be played by Ellen Barkin.

I think Amber Heard would make a great Victorine, if only she had the violet eyes.

And lastly, I think Brooklyn Sudano makes a fabulous Charlotte Oliver.

Fevered Souls Season Two
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My Thoughts:

"I was determined to take action, to take matters into my own hands. I refused to accept a position as weak and helpless victim. The world and its hidden secrets couldn't continue to wreak havoc on my life if I didn't let it."
I knew when I accepted to get this book free in exchange for an honest review that I was going to chance getting stuck with another cliffhanger. The way this season ended it was so worth it. My only problem is I want to see what happens next right but will sadly have to wait.

I liked that this book was a bunch of smaller books at one. For those of you who are looking for a action packed full of angst light read then this is for you. I'm busy with school and such so I can easily read each book to this season when I can spare a couple of minutes to relax and enjoy the book. But with the way these little books end you're going to want to free your day and read it straight on which was what I pretty much did. I loved that there was so much going on, many different situations to keep me interested. I liked that a person from Dax's past came to light and we got to see the history of that person and why Dax doesn't want to get too close to Cara. After reading the story I understood and liked Dax's character. I would love to talk more about that characters but I'm afraid I'll spoil the book so check it out the book yourself. I loved that each of these books were different from the many books that I've read making this book unique and unpredictable.

Unique, and action pack just the way I like my books definitely worth 5 of 5 Stars! Highly Recommend.

If you haven't be sure to check out the first season to Fevered Souls.

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