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Forbidden Fruit by Selena Kitt

Forbidden Fruit by Selena Kitt
Genre: Erotica, Menage, Contemporary
Age Group: Adult, New Adult
Pages: 182
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Leah and Erica have been best friends and have gone to the same Catholic school since just about forever. Leah spends so much time with the Nolans—just Erica and her handsome father now, since Erica’s mother died—that she’s practically part of the family. When the girls find something naughty under Mr. Nolan’s bed, their strict, repressive upbringing makes it all the more exciting as they begin their sexual experimentation. Leah’s exploration presses deeper, and eventually she finds herself in love for the first time, torn between her best friend and her best friend’s father.

Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, lesbian sex, sex toys, and also makes mention of pornography, salmon, amusement parks, chocolate covered strawberries, brownies (as well as girl scouts), plaid skirts, naughty uses for confessionals and some sacrilegious humor. 

Note to readers: This story appeared in another, now rather infamous book of mine (UNDER MR. NOLAN'S BED). Previously titled Plaid Skirt Confessions, this tale is a slightly less naughty, but no less sexy re-telling of those events--updated and redressed for your reading pleasure with an ending that may leave you a little more satisfied.(

My Thoughts:
The Nolan's house is practically a second home to Leah visiting her best friend Erica. Erica reveals that her father has a box under his bed and it leads the girls to explore their sexual needs. With that they experiment with each other and Leah's fantasy of being with Mr.Nolan becomes a reality. This relationship ends up making it tough on her relationship with her best friend.

How much is too much? So I get that this book was erotica, I've read erotica many before but never to this extent. This book is packed load with taboo and at times while reading it I couldn't help but cringe and put the down for a moment. I just noticed from the Note to Readers that there is a tale slightly less naughty I probably would've preferred that book. The problem I had was that these girls are like 20 somethings and they acted like children. I mean I'm 24 and at times I didn't feel like they were accurately portrayed, but hey everyone is different I guess. Plus the sort of borderline incest thing going on bothered/creeped me out a bit. (Highlight to see) Spoiler : Then the first adult choice to makes to live with him she decides to do it over the phone with her mum rather than speaking to her mom in person like adult. Behind the sex scenes was an interesting story which is why I didn't want to put this book lower than a 3.

This is my rating system
1: Hated it
2: It was ok
3: Liked it
4: Loved it
5: Absolutely amazing and will probably reread it many times.

This book fell at 3.5. Overall I liked it and those of you who are smut lovers should check this book out.

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